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Registration of the “Golden Meridian” Awards Participants is open

March 7, 2008 Registration of the "Golden Meridian" Awards Participants is open

Participants registration is open from February 28 till March 28. The Contest for "Golden Meridian" Awards is carried on with the support of Travel@Мail.ru

"According to "Golden Meridian 2008" Awards Regulation all travel companies and hotels which worked with Russian tourists in summer 2007 - winter 2008 are welcome to apply for the Awards, - says Olga Pyanova, Chief Executive of "Golden Meridian" Russian Travel Awards."

The "Golden Meridian" Russian Travel Awards were established to recognize and stimulate best business practice in the travel and tourist industry. The annual "Golden Meridian" Awards are presented to companies that are selected by Russian travelers and industry experts for their excellence of service. All "Golden Meridian" contestants have to pass the strict selection process. "Golden Meridian" winners qualification process is based on a statistical poll review, carried out among Russian tourists and the Expert Council. 

The Awards Categories are: The Best Russian Air Company, The Best Regional Air Company, The Best Foreign Air Company, The Best Russian Network Travel Agency, The Best Russian VIP Travel Agency, The Best Russian Business Trip Agency, The Best Russian Regional Travel Agency, The Best Russian Extreme Travel Agency, The Best Resort Hotel in Russia, The Best Business Hotel in Russia, The Best Foreign Hotels from Russian Traveling Destinations TOP-20 (for each country): Turkey, China, Egypt, Finland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Bulgaria, Thailand, United Arabic Emirates, France, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Tunis, Croatia, Poland, United Kingdom, Austria and Montenegro.

All "Golden Meridian" contestants have to pass the strict 2-stages selection process:

1. The voting is carried out among common Russian tourists at the Awards official web-page.

2. The Expert Council will assign "Golden Meridian" Laureates by distant voting with copies sent to Expert Council Chairman and Independent Inspector (KPMG Company).

The Expert council consists of leading travel specialists and experts, representatives of leading mass media with extensive experience and knowledge of the field.

Golden Meridian winners will be announced at the "Golden Meridian" Russian Travel Gala Awards.

Participants can submit the application form at the official Awards Website (/).

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