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Неотропин Из-за этого можно легко нарваться на подделку у подпольных поставщиков. Следовательно, гормон роста Неотропин обладает неоспоримым преимуществом, а также при правильном использовании не оказывает побочных эффектов, в отличии от стероидов. Неотропин является препаратом последних достижений в сфере генно-молекулярных исследований.|Платежные системы, электронные деньги — WebMoney в Екатеринбурге — EWMR.RU

26-06-2008  The Winners of “Golden Meridian 2008” Russian Travel Awards were declared at the Awards Gala

The best of the best in tourism gathered together at the “Golden Meridian 2008” Russian Travel Awards Gala, which took place in Central House of Businessman (Moscow) on June 24.

07-04-2008  The Expert Council of “Golden Meridian” Russian Travel Awards has been formed

The Expert Council of "Golden Meridian" Russian Travel Awards has been formed on April 7, 2008.  Among its member there TOP-Managers of Russian leading Tour Operators as well as Chief Editors of the authoritative travel issues. The final list of the Expert Members will be published at the Awards official Website /. 

28-03-2008  Attention!!! ”Golden Meridian” Russian Travel Awards

«Faster. Farther. More exotic». That is how you can determine the significance of "Golden Meridian" Russian Travel Awards. Each one, who will vote from March 28 till May 15 at "Golden Meridian" official website will make the tour world even better.

24-03-2008  More than 1000 companies will participate in “Golden Meridian” Russian Travel Awards

In 5 days the application process for "Golden Meridian" Awards is over. 1000 companies have already registrated for the Awards. The participants list includes Moscow and regional travel agencies, foreign and Russian airlines, hotels of Russia, Turkey, China, Egypt, Thailand, UAE, Tunis, Finland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Great Britain, Germany, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland and Montenegro. "Opening of the Year 2008" was declared the special Awards Category, only companies recommended by the Expert Council of the Awards can claim to it.

13-03-2008  “Golden Meridian” Russian Travel Awards: Russian tourists will vote for their favorite airlines, hotels and travel agencies

The voting will be carried out from March 28 till May 15 among Russian tourists at the official Awards web-page (/). The voting is carried out with the help of  

07-03-2008  Registration of the “Golden Meridian” Awards Participants is open

Participants registration is open from February 28 till March 28. The Contest for "Golden Meridian" Awards is carried on with the support of Travel@М  "According to "Golden Meridian 2008" Awards Regulation all travel companies and hotels which worked with Russian tourists in summer 2007 - winter 2008 are welcome to apply for the Awards, - says Olga Pyanova, Chief Executive of "Golden Meridian" Russian Travel Awards."

01-01-1970  Registration of the Golden Meridian Awards Participants is open. Participants registration is open from January 26 till July 10.

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