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The "Golden Meridian" Awards contestants can choose one of the two ways selection process.

Way 1. It is based on positive references by Russian tourists.

The Awards Laureates are selected by references from Russian tourists.

The company provides positive references from Russian tourists to Organizers. The references are sent by e-mail. It is necessary to provide references in the following amount:

a) For hotels: not less than 20% of hotel room capacity
b) For tourist agencies: not less than 3% of the clients for the period winter 2010 - summer 2011
c) For air company: not less than 0,1% of passenger traffic for the period winter 2010 - summer 2011

Organizers perform a checkout and authenticates received references. In case of falsity the company is excluded from the contest.

Way 2. It is based on Expert Council recommendations.

Expert Council give their recommendation and send filled ballot papers to Awards Direction by by e-mail to Organizers (info@goldenmeridian.ru).

The companies which have received the greatest quantity of positive references from Russian tourists and recommendations from Experts become Winners of "Golden meridian 2011" Awards.

Results are to be kept confidential till official announcement at site of "Golden meridian" Awards www.goldenmeridian.ru

About Awards|Registration|News|Laureates|Expert Council|Media|Gallery|Contacts